How To Video Series: Upper Body

Step 1: Warmups – Do 3 or 4 warm-up videos below before moving to Step 2.

Air Drumming

Air Jump Rope

Air Punches

Arm circles

Jumping Jacks

Seal Jacks

Step 2: Fitness Movements – Do 4 or 5 fitness movement videos below before moving to Step 3.

Bicep Curls w/ Ankle Bands

Hand Walks

High Plank

Inch Worms

Incline Push Ups

High Plank 5’s

Push Ups

Rows w/ Sandbell

Shoulder Taps

Y’s, T’s, W’s

Step 3: Use the cooldown videos below to end your workout.

Cross Body Shoulder Stretch

Shoulder Stretch

Triceps Stretch