Fit Kids collects data from our partners twice during each school year to measure the physical and social-emotional impact of our program on the children that we serve. We look at both numerical and anecdotal data to measure our impact and are so proud to report the positive impact we made last year.

Among the findings were the following:

of partners enthusiastically embrace Fit Kids
0 %
of partners agree that students gained social-emotional benefits from the Fit Kids program
0 %
of partners agree that students are more physically active after participating in Fit Kids
0 %
of partners agree that students gained socialemotional benefits from the Fit Kids program
0 %
of partners report that students improved their overall fitness as a result of Fit Kids
0 %
Based on our most recent survey, we found that our partners use Fit Kids in multiple ways including:
  • As the primary PE curriculum
  • In combination with another PE curriculum
  • As brain breaks during academic lessons
  • As part of an after-school enrichment program
  • As physical activity assignments for students at home
  • As part of an after-school sports program
Our spring survey indicates that partners are using all of the resources available through our online partner portal called Coach’s Corner including:
  • Fitness Calendars
  • Fitness Testing
  • Video Library
  • Virtual Fitness Games
  • Covid Modified Fitness Games
Our partners indicated that students love to use Fit Kids resources at home for physical activity and to manage stress and anxiety including:
  • The Fit Kids student app (free in the app store for Fit Kids participants)
  • Online fitness calendars
  • The Fit Kids Video Library featuring over 200 fitness, yoga, and mindfulness videos
Partners asked for more Fit Kids content including:
  • Partner site profiles
  • Fitness news
  • Best practices on implementing Fit Kids from other partners 
  • Inspirational videos from athletes
  • Opportunities for partners to collaborate with each other