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The Olympic Gold Medal Mentality

Posted on July 5, 2024

For the run-up to the 2024 Summer Olympics, we offer one more Fit Kids Conversation with a past Olympian. Heather Mitts Feeley, three-time Olympic Soccer Gold Medalist, discusses her approaches to health and fitness as a world class athlete and as the mother of three young children. Highlights include:
:54 What Heather has been up to since retiring from soccer, “My identity was so much tied up in the sport I played.”
2:27 Heather’s experience growing up playing multiple sports, “Always follow your passion.”
4:38 On the ways her training translated from sport to sport
6:35 Her favorite and most-dreaded fitness routines, “I loved running!”
8:14 On her children’s fitness journeys, in light of growing up with her and former NFLer A.J. Feeley as parents
10:00 Heather’s “a-ha!” Olympic moment validating her comeback from a torn ACL
12:20 About Heather’s broadcasting career
13:50 Heather’s efforts to bring a USL women’s pro soccer team and girls academy to Philadelphia
16:38 Reflections on which soccer stars helped inspire Heather in her carer and being in the building for Brandi Chastain’s iconic 1999 World Cup clinching goal 
18:41 The mentality that helped her achieve more than expected by those who doubted her based on her size
22:32 Advice for families on keeping kids active