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How Do Pro Sports Teams Impact Youth?

Posted on June 19, 2024

Trennis Jones has spent a life in sports: using his youth and high school experience to eventually play basketball for the University of Colorado, then work as a player agent for Octagon, a role in the Phoenix Suns’ front office, time with Positive Coaching Alliance, and now as VP, Community Impact for Major League Soccer’s Austin FC.
That variety of experience brings a breadth and depth of views to this Fit Kids Conversation. Highlights include: 
:47 Trennis’ journey in sports, from his childhood in Austin, to playing basketball for University of Colorado, to leading community impact efforts for Major League Soccer’s Austin FC
3:03 Trennis explains the role of community impact at Austin FC
5:06 How soccer clinics and other community impact programs benefit youth, especially by teaching life lessons 
7:46 The importance of embracing and celebrating diversity in youth impact programming
9:34 Why youth health and fitness is important to overall youth development
11:06 Trennis’ insights into sports parenting from his own experience: “All of us could use a ‘pause’ button every so often.”
13:49 The value of physical literacy for all youth, including a breadth of physical activities and sports that expose youth to a wide variety of leadership opportunities and the development of empathy
16:25 The role that sports and fitness play in “ubuntu,” an African philosophy on human connectednes