Insights from a Lineage Medicine Pioneer

East meets West and ancient traditional practice meets modern science in this Fit Kids Conversation with Nisha Devi, founder of Kala Wellness.

Highlights include:

:30 Definition of Lineage MedicineTM

1:09 The effects of Lineage Medicine

3:07 How Lineage Medicine complements the Fit Kids program

7:25 The vision for the Kala Wellness/Fit Kids partnership: “To bring mindfulness to all the kids in the world! (Not entirely kidding.)

8:55 How the practice helps regulate emotion and heal trauma, even starting from individual organs within the body

12:55 Kala Wellness’ growth due to the mix of modern science and ancient practice.

18:25 Simple tips to impart Lineage Medicine principles to youth, based on posture and breath

20:00 Coming from a place of fullness, despite our culture’s prevailing view of operating from emptiness

22:22 Nisha’s personal path to Lineage Medicine

25:25 What the world will look like as Lineage Medicine gains adoption: “We’ll all slow down just a little bit.”