“When students play sports, some of them sit out, because they’re not good at the sport. But when Fit Kids starts, everybody participates and is integrated into one activity, where all the students are learning something new. Even the shy, introverted students have the most fun because they’re part of something. Socially and emotionally, Fit Kids helps the students who normally are not good at sports. The kids can just be themselves, doing these activities. A lot of the students we work with are from low-income communities and working families, so when they go home, there’s a lot of things going on. With Fit Kids, it’s a way for them to just kind of escape.”
—Elvia Casas
Site Coordinator, Washington Elementary, San Jose
“Fit Kids has been a great opportunity to introduce kids in our community center to new physical fitness activities. Many of our students live in apartment complexes that are not safe for them to go outside and play. This makes Fit Kids a welcome addition to our program because it gets the kids active and moving. The kids absolutely look forward to getting off the school bus and running into our gym to start their afternoon with Fit Kid activities. They love the competition! We have also found that by using the Fit Kid curriculum students are able to exercise off a ton of excess energy which has resulted in them being a lot more ready to sit down and do homework doing our homework hour. Thanks for allowing us to take advantage of such a great program.”
—Bridget Thomas
Forge For Families in Houston, TX
”My favorite thing about Fit Kids Class is that you get to do sports and if you love sports then you get to show what you love."
—Fit Kids participant
“I have the opportunity to see each child grow and learn as they participate in this program, which is why I believe Fit Kids is a truly remarkable place for children to be physically active, gain confidence, and learn to work as an individual or team to achieve a challenging goal.”
—Brooke Ditzler
Fit Kids Coach
“As a result of this program, I have seen increased confidence in the kids when we begin a new lesson, as well as an eagerness to exercise. They all want to continue doing the activities even when we’ve run out of time, which is great! I’ve also noticed that they’re making healthier choices when eating before and after our program. Where they used to bring chips and sugary drinks into the program, now they are eager for the fruit and water I supply!”
—Bridgette Butler
Children’s Program Assistant, Hamilton Family Center
“Fit Kids provides a structured clinic to help kids become more coordinated and active. While the kids think it is “just fun” they are actually gaining lifelong skills. It’s also great because it wears them out which helps them focus when they come in to do their homework.”
—Gabriel Anguiano Jr.
A.L.A.S. Program Director, Willow Oaks School
I like that the curriculum is broken up into warm-ups, a skill, a game, and a cool down. It keeps the kids engaged and always moving.
—Mary Gray
PE Teacher, Rose Elementary in Milpitas, CA
“I like how the lesson planning is right there. I can modify, or use exactly what is there. Plus, I don’t need to worry about figuring out the best equipment to set-up, it’s all there for me to grab, place, and modify. Very good equipment I might add!”
—Madison Scott
Teacher, Generation One in Houston, TX