Video Library

Coaches and students can use the 200+ videos linked from this page to follow along with Fit Kids workouts or design their own workouts.

Bodyweight Workout Videos

Click on a focus area from the buttons below and then select a workout to follow.

Demonstration Video Series

Coaches and students can use these videos to quickly learn how to do any of our warm-ups, fitness moves, and cooldown stretches.

Yoga Flows, Mindfulness and Inspiration

Our videos below help you stretch and cool down after workouts or relax and refresh any time you feel stress.

Our Yoga Flow videos lead students through a three-minute, continuous set of yoga poses that also serve as cooldowns.

Mindfulness videos help you relax and restore the mental focus needed when you return to your school work and other tasks.

These video messages from athletes, coaches, and trainers will inspire you to keep moving faster, higher, and stronger.

Fitness Games and Challenges

Keep the fun flowing and your energy glowing! Pick a fun fitness game or monthly fitness challenge from the choices below! 

Fitness Kit Workouts (Fitness Kit required)

Click on a fitness equipment button below to learn fitness movements specific to the equipment item or select full body to do a workout using the equipment items.

Fitness Kit Workout Calendar

Click the calendar images at right to access pdfs of the calendar in English or Spanish. Then, click any item to see a demonstration video. Follow along for the full four weeks!