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Willie Banks Interview

A Conversation with Willie Banks: Fitness and Focus

Willie Banks, 3-time Olympian in the Triple Jump, explains how exercise and fitness helped him calm down as a child and put him on the path to setting a world record.
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An Olympian’s Advice on “Meditation Through Movement”

Three-time Olympic Middle Distance Runner Shannon Rowbury lives by the idea of “meditation through movement.” Any child can do the same, and parents and coaches can guide them.
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How Fitness Training Develops the Whole Child

Youth fitness is about more than just developing strength, skill, stamina, agility, and athleticism. Done right, a structured youth fitness program like the one Fit Kids offers can develop the
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A Talk with The Ninjadoc About Youth Fitness

Fit Kids catches up with Dr. Noah Kaufman, MD, the emergency room physician and former American Ninja Warrior star, who founded Wolf Pack Ninjas to “make the world healthier one kid at a time.”
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