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Training Tips from a Pro Pitcher Turned Orthopaedic Surgeon

Get great insights from Dr. Michael Freehill, Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine. His expertise on fitness with a specialization in arm health stems from a life in baseball and medicine.
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Holistic Mental Health for Sports and Fitness

Holistic Mental Performance Coach Laura M. Wilde draws from her work with everyone from NBA and Major League Baseball stars to youth athletes in our latest Fit Kids Conversation! Here are tips and tools to use with the active kids in your life!
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Fit Kids Conversation with Matthew Levy

How to Have a Healthy Heart

Soon after the Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin suffered a scary cardiac arrest incident on Monday Night Football, Fit Kids spoke to Matthew Levy, MD, a cardiologist, who explained the incident and provided perspective on heart health for kids and the adults responsible for them.
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A conversation with Toni Mar

The Mind-Body Connection

Beloved University of California, Berkeley Physical Education faculty member Toni Mar (M.S. in Kinesiology), has taught yoga, conditioning, and the mind-body connection at Cal for more than two decades.
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