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Holly McPeak views the youth fitness and sports scene through many lenses: Olympian, ESPN commentator, youth volleyball club co-owner/coach, and mom. Our Fit Kids Conversation draws from all of those points of view, focusing on the aspirational values and experiences of the Olympics and how kids can gain life lessons during their fitness and sports journeys.

Highlights include:

2:00 How watching the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 lit her own internal Olympic flame — “Oh, my gosh, I want to be on that podium!” — leading to her three Olympic appearances and a bronze medal.

4:36 Holly’s impressions of the Olympic Village, Opening Ceremonies and other parts of her Olympic experience.
8:57 Life lessons from her Olympic journey that can apply to kids: “You’re going to have to have some grit. You’re going to get knocked down. You have to keep going.”
11:06 More life lessons from her experience as a founder of Elite Beach Volleyball: Youth players “have to be self driven. I meet a lot of kids whose parents want it more than they do.”
11:50 Holly on where grit comes from. Some of hers came from competing with her siblings. It’s important to surround yourself with the right people. “Your tribe is your vibe.”
15:15 Holly’s assessment of the overall state of the kids who join her club, including the challenges of social media and changing values around the trait of toughness.
21:55 On the need for underlying physical traits, such as strength, explosiveness and endurance
23:44 Holly makes the case for the importance of physical activity and all sorts of workouts, from her hour at Orange Theory, to family hikes, to dancing.
26:53 How parents can motivate their children to get active