Food for Thought

Although Dr. Aviva Alyeshmerni, MD (aka Dr. Vivi) is an expert in so many areas of youth health and fitness, she focuses on nutrition in this episode of Fit Kids Conversations.

Providing a wealth of tips and tools to help children establish and maintain healthy eating habits, highlights include:

2:30 Words and pictures of a balanced nutritional plate

3:19 Teaching children positive self-talk and how to love their bodies by looking in the mirror

7:24 Strategies and tactics to help children eat healthfully

9:30 How to help children overcome picky eating habits

13:56 A new perspective on body mass index (BMI) and sugar’s role in causing disease

16:54 “Nothing drives me more crazy than Hawaiian rolls!”

18:09 The importance of hydration

20:08 A graph of daily calorie needs by age, gender, and activity level.