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More and more people these days understand and act on the information that physical activity is preventative medicine for mental health. In this Fit Kids Conversation with Brendan Sullivan, Founder/CEO of Zama Health, he explains how his app aids athletes in maximizing their physical and mental health.

Conversation Highlights include:

0:27 What is Zama?

2:30 Brendan’s background leading to launching Zama to address the increasing need for student-athlete access to mental health information and services

3:42 On the mental health challenges stemming from youth sports: “Youth sports is a disaster, in a lot of ways, from a mental health standpoint.”

7:35 Common sources of mental health challenges for student-athletes, such as social media, early sport specialization for youth, the focus on elite youth sports programs, and the financial pressure and opportunity tied to the changing landscape of name-image-likeness (NIL) rights

9:27 The most frequent obstacles in the way of getting people moving and keeping them moving

10:38 Brandon’s own fitness journey, “I hate where I’m at!”

12:20 How Zama will address the wide range of its users’ goals, sports preferences, and stated challenges or sources of stress and anxiety

13:56 Zama’s community element, connecting athletes, trainers, and therapists to generate proactive use of physical activity as preventative medicine.