Starting a Movement to Increase Movement

As a mover and shaker in the fitness industry, Francesca Schuler wants to get more people moving! Here is a guide to the key topics in our Fit Kids Conversation:

0:26 On working with Fit Kids Founder Ashley Hunter as members of the California Governor’s Advisory Council on Physical Fitness and Mental Well-Being

1:22 Francesca’s fitness journey from childhood to her current career

3:27 Francesca’s views on the challenges that today’s children face in their own fitness journeys and potential solutions, such as public campaigns to tie physical activity to overall health and mental well-being

7:17 Her answer to the “million-dollar question” of HOW to convince parents, teachers, coaches, and caregivers to integrate physical activity into kids’ lives: “selling hope in a workout”

10:48 The importance of public awareness that physical activity is essential to mental well-being and how individuals and their friends, families, and communities can commit to activities such as walking together to improve mental health

13:07 The need for a mix of a grassroots movement and government policy that provides safe and equitable access to physical activity in hopes of curing cultural tendencies toward leading sedentary lives

15:10 Tips for adults to stay creative in getting kids moving and encouragement to model healthy lifestyles

18:10 How she envisions the CA Moves campaign impacting youth fitness by starting a movement about movement