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Dr. Korkor’s own mental health struggles led him to establish the AB Korkor Foundation for Mental Health and its “Five Fifty Fifty” series of run/walk events.

This year’s series ties in Fit Kids as the Korkor Foundation funds our program at schools and community organizations in 15 major metro areas across the U.S. that are new to Fit Kids.

Key topics in this conversation include:

  • The genesis of the AB Korkor Foundation for Mental Health and its series of 5/50/50 runs (43 seconds into the video)
  • The importance of an early start to youth fitness and how “motion=emotion” (starting at 5:18 into the video)
  • Why the AB Korkor Foundation for Mental Health is partnering with Fit Kids (starting at 6:55)
  • Active youth focusing better in the classroom (starting at 7:38)
  • Different types of exercise having different effects on the brain (starting at 8:46)
  • “Exercise for your brain is like Miracle-Gro for your garden.” (starting at 10:45)
  • How to start exercising as an antidote to depression…even if you already are depressed (starting at 14:01)
  • The social-emotional learning benefits for youth who are physically active together (starting at 17:35)
  • How physical exercise leads to mental resilience (starting at 20:14).