Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Sports and Fitness

Like Jackie Robinson, Marti played middle infield for the UCLA Bruins. Jackie played baseball, and Marti played softball, helping her team to an NCAA Championship, and both moved on from their formal athletic careers to work for justice.
Here, Marti covers:
  • The development of Positive Coaching Alliance’s DEI curriculum for coaches and students
  • Why the famous Nelson Mandela quotation about sports having the “power to unite” does not automatically take effect, but requires intentional work from adult leaders in sports and fitness programs
  • Marti’s personal experience facing racism as one of few Black athletes on her softball teams
  • Practical tips and advice for coaches, students, and parents to use in bringing the best of DEI to their programs, including techniques for conflict resolution and handling negative incidents, such as microaggressions
  • The importance of representation and children experiencing sports and fitness with adult leaders who look like them.