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The Mind-Body Connection

Posted on December 27, 2022

Beloved University of California, Berkeley Physical Education faculty member Toni Mar (M.S. in Kinesiology), has taught yoga, conditioning, and the mind-body connection at Cal for more than two decades. Raised in East Oakland, Toni started teaching at Cal in 1997, benefiting hundreds of students who have taken her classes and learned about stress management, exercise compliance, and more.

For Toni, and for many of her students, the mind and the body are one. She explains the mind-body connection while helping students establish it in their lives and emphasizes the impact of exercise and daily activity on the mind, as well as the importance of developing a love of movement at an early age.

Our Fit Kids Conversation with Toni also covers:

  • The importance of Physical Education curriculum, especially when school budget cuts reduce or eliminate formal PE classes
  • The importance of positive coaching and how equipment has shaped sports and exercise today
  • The relationship between play, exercise, and the rest of daily life.