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An Olympian’s Advice on “Meditation Through Movement”

Posted on October 27, 2022

Three-time Olympic Middle Distance Runner Shannon Rowbury lives by the idea of “meditation through movement.” Any child can do the same, and parents and coaches can guide them.

A naturally energetic person, Shannon uses her running to unplug, let her thoughts wander, and return refreshed and focused on her desk work for Nike, her non-profit, and Parity, a start-up she joined to find financial opportunities for female athletes.

Shannon further explains her approach to meditation through movement in this interview, which also covers:

  • How dance helped her prepare for a track career
  • The importance of coaches in a child’s fitness development
  • The impact of “seeing people who look like you” as leaders in a child’s fitness journey
  • “When our mind and our body are working together, we’re at our best.”