A Talk with The Ninjadoc About Youth Fitness

In this video conversation, Dr. Noah Kaufman, MD shares information and passionate appeals to anyone concerned with youth fitness and the overall health of our communities. Noah is an emergency room physician and life-long athlete, who competed as The Ninjadoc for seven seasons on the American Ninja Warrior TV show.

While continuing his medical practice, Noah co-founded Wolf Pack Ninjas, a group of ninja athletes committed to “making the world healthier one kid at a time.” For this Fit Kids conversation, Noah draws from his medical background, as well as his roles as an athlete, social entrepreneur, and father.

Topics include:

  • What he sees in the ER that gives him insight into the state of youth fitness in the U.S.
  • Physiological reactions to diet and exercise, including the roles of dopamine and serotonin
  • The importance of decisions about diet and physical activity and creating good habits, starting in childhood
  • What individuals, organizations, and our society as a whole can do to improve children’s health and fitness