Fit Kids: Just What the Doctor Ordered

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Knowing that fitness is preventative medicine, San Mateo County Health Foundation pediatricians now prescribe Fit Kids, using an actual prescription pad!

The prescription program runs under a Fit Kids partnership with San Mateo County Health Foundation and the San Mateo Medical Center and Clinics. About 10 doctors within the Primary Care/Pediatrics Department have piloted the program for two months, prescribing use of Fit Kids exercise, workout, and mindfulness videos for roughly 500 families.

“Parents have said that they love seeing their kids do a healthy type of video instead of the typical garbage on TV,” said John Jurow, CEO of SMCHF. “Thanks to Fit Kids, our patients are able to use the portal free of cost. Our physicians love the program so far and have been pleased with the results, especially in the area of mindfulness.”