Cargill Gives Fit Kids $10,000

Cargill Logo

Cargill, a major global food industry company, is committed to “helping the world thrive.” That includes the youth of Redwood City, as evidenced by the company’s latest $10,000 gift to Fit Kids.

“Cargill Salt is committed to being a leader in nourishing the world, protecting the planet and enriching our communities in a safe, responsible and sustainable way,” said Brian Luce of Cargill Salt, Land Management. “Supporting Fit Kids is an essential part of our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. With our gift we hope that the children of the Fit Kids’ Redwood City K-8 program will grow up fit and strong in body and in mind.”

Fit Kids Founder Ashley Hunter expressed her gratitude for the gift: “Cargill is a great corporate citizen globally and locally. Their gift ensures that Fit Kids can continue to help the youth of Redwood City thrive through our structured fitness programs and we are so grateful for their continued support!”