HEALTHY KIDS Through Fitness

The Fit Kids program is unique because it incorporates aspects of many sports and fitness activities, rather than focusing on a specific sport, to expose children to many different physical activity options. This general approach also helps children develop their entire bodies instead of only certain muscle groups and skills.

The Fit Kids program is attractive and beneficial to both the athletic students and those with less demonstrated physical skills.Fit Kids helps students to continue developing their natural skills and building all of the muscle groups in their bodies. These children will be better prepared – both mentally and physically – to participate in organized sports in higher grades.

Children less inclined to participate in sports find that Fit Kids simply makes it fun to be active, and that physical fitness leads to confidence in less vigorous pursuits.

Regardless of interest or skill level, the fun and engagement children find in the Fit Kids program leads to increased overall health and fitness for EVERY participant.

Besides making fitness fun, Fit Kids keeps kids engaged in beneficial activities during critical after-school hours and provides positive adult role models through our trained, energetic, and caring coaches, all of whom have a passion for health and fitness. Learn more about the benefits that come from the Fit Kids program.

Below is a sample of the activities that can be seen in each class:




A warm-up period is critical prior to any physical activity to increase blood flow in the active areas of the body, resulting in more power and muscle recruitment to those areas while decreasing overall injury risk.


Fit Kids obstacle courses are meant to challenge individual participants to develop certain physical characteristics.

  • Increases strength, endurance, multidirectional agility, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, acceleration, balance, foot eye coordination, vertical leap, horizontal leap
  • Improves mental focus and body awareness


Fit Kids relay races are designated to encourage participants to
work together in developing cooperation skills, in addition to
improving many physical attributes.

  • Increases agility, strength, foot eye coordination, reaction time,
    balance, acceleration,
  • Improves teamwork


Fitness games are designed to engage the participants in fun fitness activities that bring maximum physical and emotional benefits.

  • Increases
    acceleration, cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic endurance,
    agility, hand eye coordination
  • Improves teamwork and communication


Stretching is essential at the end of any physical activity to help prevent
injury and muscle imbalances.

  • Improves flexibility
  • Aids in muscle recovery