Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

While Fit Kids emphasizes physical activity, we also recognize that fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand when developing the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 24 nutrition tips to help guide your healthy decision making:

      • #1 – Try to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Save fried foods for special occasions.
      • #2 – Instead of chips, snack on a handful of nuts, low-fat string cheese, an apple, or a hard-boiled egg.
      • #3 – Eat the colors of the rainbow – red (apples), orange (carrots), yellow (bell peppers), green (broccoli), blue (blueberries) – to get all of your vitamins and minerals.
      • #4 – Pour one more! Are you getting your three daily servings of dairy (low-fat yogurt, milk, or cheese), or dairy alternatives like soy milk or almond milk, to build strong bones?
      • #5 – To stay strong and lean, think green. The deeper the shade of green, the greater the nutritional punch.
      • #6 – Try eating fish once or twice a week. Seafood is brain food.
      • #7 – Remember it’s all in your hand. Your cupped hand is the serving size for vegetables, pasta, or rice. Your palm is a serving of meat.
      • #8 – Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to stay healthy and energized.
      • #9 – Think about consuming meals of reasonable portion size instead of super-sizing it. Order a small or a medium, and skip the large and super-sized options.
      • #10 – Shake up your grocery cart. Try one new food and pretty soon you will have a whole new list of favorites.
      • #11 – Choose water, zero-calorie seltzer, or low-fat milk to perform your best.
      • #12 – Enjoy your meals and snacks with family or friends instead of watching the TV or playing video games.
      • #13 – Rise and shine! Get your day off on the right foot with these power-food ideas: scrambled eggs with salsa, rolled oats, or whole wheat toast with peanut butter.
      • #14 – Know before you go. Remember that reading the food label will help you make good choices.
      • #15 – Swap beans for meat 1 to 2 times a week for a heart-healthy source of fiber and protein.
      • #16 – Enjoy 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day to feel your best.
      • #17 – For better energy, make sure that half of your plate is loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables.
      • #18 – Enjoy 3 to 5 servings of vegetables every day to feel your best.
      • #19 – Eat breakfast to make you feel alert at school.
      • #20 – Fruit is a great snack you can take on the go. Fruit can also be used as a healthy and tasty topping on cereal, yogurt, or cottage cheese, instead of adding syrups or sugars.
      • #21 – Water enables every single process that happens in the body. This is why water makes you stronger, faster, more energetic, and healthier. Soda and fruit juice do the opposite, so drink those drinks only after drinking some water.
      • #22 – The following plant fats will allow your muscles to get calories faster, and for your brain to work better: nuts (such as peanut butter), seeds (sunflower seeds), avocado (guacamole), olives, vegetable oil (salad dressing), fish (salmon), and soy (tofu).
      • #23 – Muscles need protein to grow. Protein mainly comes from soy (tofu) and animal products such as meat, chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, and dairy (milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese).
      • #24 – Snacks made from starch (like chips, crackers, bagels, pretzels, popcorn, energy bars, and pop tarts) and anything sweet (like candy, cake, and pudding) robs your body of health, energy, and exercise recovery. Only eat these things after eating something healthy first.