The Fit Kids Program develops physically fit, healthy children

Through our unique combination of fitness and motor-skill-building activities, the Fit Kids curriculum increases physical activity levels and improves fitness. We partner with schools and community organizations around the country to provide our Program via three unique structures.

Innovation Sites

For our Innovation Sites in East Palo Alto, CA’s Ravenswood School District near Fit Kids headquarters, we send trained, professional coaches to teach our Program in the after-school hours over the course of the school year. Our coaches collect quantitative and qualitative data to directly measure the impact of our program.

Partner Sites

In various U.S. regions, Fit Kids provides our Program to schools and community organizations, whose own site personnel administer the program and serve as coaches. Each partner receives an invitation to our annual professional-development training, online access to our proprietary curriculum, and all necessary program equipment. Each partner also participates in a three usage surveys each year that collect usage data as well as quantitative and anecdotal impact data.

Member Sites

The Fit Kids Program is available for purchase to any school or community organization. Revenue generated through our Member Sites is an important source of funding to support qualified partners receiving Fit Kids at no cost. Fit Kids can provide resources to help potential Member sites with their fundraising efforts to purchase a Fit Kids program.

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