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Fit Kids 2017 Program Season 4

ClassUnitUnit NameFitness FocusPE Game
Season 4 Equipment List
Warm Ups
11Locomotor skillsPush, squatWhat time is it Mr. Fox
21Locomotor skillsPull, agilityCrossover
51Locomotor skillsPush, balance, powerLocomotor relay
61Locomotor skillsPull, squatCone Game
71Locomotor skillsSpeed, squat, coreRed light green light
81Locomotor skillsPush, squatObstacle Course
91Locomotor skillsPull, agilityCapture the Med Ball
101Locomotor skillsPush, balance, powerMixed Up Sports Relay
112Hand/Foot-eye coordinationPull, squatToss-n-catch relay
122Hand/Foot-eye coordinationSpeed, squat, coreManipulative relay
132Hand/Foot-eye coordinationPush, squatKeep it Up
142Hand/Foot-eye coordinationPull, agilityJump rope relay
152Hand/Foot-eye coordinationPush, balance, powerHungry crabs
162Hand/Foot-eye coordinationPull, squatAnimal soccer
172Hand/Foot-eye coordinationSpeed, squat, coreKickball
182Hand/Foot-eye coordinationPush, squatOcean Rescue
192Hand/Foot-eye coordinationPull, agilityFollow The Leader
202Hand/Foot-eye coordinationPush, balance, powerScatter
213Chasing/FleeingPull, squatChaos Tag
223Chasing/FleeingSpeed, squat, coreFreeze Tag
253Chasing/FleeingPush, squatPuppy dog tails
263Chasing/FleeingPull, agilitySharks and minnows
273Chasing/FleeingPush, balance, powerSailors and Sharks
283Chasing/FleeingPull, squatChaos Tag
293Chasing/FleeingSpeed, squat, coreLizard tag
303Chasing/FleeingPush, squatPuppy dog tails
314Team BuildingPull, agilityCapture the Med Ball
324Team BuildingPush, balance, power2 ball soccer
334Team BuildingPull, squatGet Your trash out of my backyard
344Team BuildingSpeed, squat, coreKickball
354Team BuildingPush, squatDodgeball
364Team BuildingPull, agilityCapture the Med Ball
374Team BuildingPush, balance, powerBeastly Basketball
384Team BuildingPull, squatGet Your trash out of my backyard
394Team BuildingSpeed, squat, coreKickball
404Team BuildingPush, squatDodgeball
415CommunicationPull, agilityPass The Hoop
425CommunicationPush, balance, powerOver/under
435CommunicationPull, squatDuck Duck Goose
445CommunicationSpeed, squat, coreUltimate basketball
455CommunicationPush, squatBall Passover
465CommunicationPull, agilityLizard tag
475CommunicationPush, balance, powerPass The Hoop
505CommunicationGAME DAYBeastly Basketball, Crossover, Capture the med ball, 2 ball soccer
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Extra Games
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